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Published in the November issue of National Geographic

It is with great emotion that I announce that my photographs are in this month's issue of National Geographic!

My photographic story on the culture of the Brazilian capuchin monkeys, accompanied by the words of Noemi Spagnoletti, is out now! For me, it is an honour to see my photographs on the pages of such a prestigious magazine, a dream that comes true! The result of years of study, months of fieldwork, long w

aits, sacrifices, joys, pains and unforgettable moments. This project meant a lot to me: I had the privilege of observing wonderful animals in their natural environment, discovering beautiful places and meeting wonderful people. The remarkable behaviours of these South American monkeys fascinated me to such an extent that pushed me to spend part of my life with them and share what I have had the privilege of seeing. Unfortunately, capuchins' populations, and consequently their traditional behaviours, risk disappearing due to the human impact on ecosystems. In particular, their habitat is currently threatened by the exploitation of the land and the expansion of intensive cultivation (especially of soy), most of which are destined to become feed for animals on farms all over the world. I hope this article will bring interest to the topic and highlight the consequences of human activities on our planet. I want to thank all the people who supported me in this adventure, the Ethocebus Project, Dr. Elisabetta Visalberghi, Prof. Patricia Izar, Prof. Dorothy Fragaszy, Mauro and Maria's family and my Brazilian friends who made this beautiful project possible. Thank you with all my heart!


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